QDPX can do more than you think.

The QDPX format is a data format designed for the interoperability of qualitative research projects. But have you ever considered using this data in a QUANTITATIVE or business environment?

QDPX in a Nutshell

At its core, the QDPX format is an XML-based structured data format designed for the interoperability of qualitative research projects.

Originally developed by the Rotterdam Exchange Format Initiative (REFI), of which several manufacturers of QDA software were founding members.

Aims to facilitate not only long-term product storage and product-independent archival but also the exchange of projects between different software products used in qualitative data analysis (QDA).

The typical qdpx exchange bundle bundle contains of a set of primary files and an XML "meta" file that contains all the pertinent information: How the individual primary files are connected, where the user-defined segments in them are located, how they are coded, linked, and what the user has noted about them.

QDPX in Qualitative Research and Beyond

Learn more about the .qdpx format, its origins, and its current as well as its future uses.

Introduction to QDPX and Its Role in Interoperability

QDPX stands for Qualitative Data Project Exchange, a groundbreaking initiative that has revolutionized the way qualitative research projects are managed, stored, and shared. It's an XML-based structured data format that aims to standardize the way qu...

The History of Universal Exchangeability

ATLAS.ti, a leading software in qualitative data analysis, was the first to introduce a full XML project export in their software as early as 2004. Its XML export permitted the full export of a project in a free non-proprietary and universal data for...

The Power of Data Transformation

One of the most compelling features of QDPX is its ability to transform qualitative data into a wide array of formats, including .rtf, csv, and sql. This offers researchers greater flexibility in how they use and share their data....

Facilitating Collaborative Research

In an increasingly interconnected world, research is seldom confined to one institution or even one country. Researchers often collaborate across borders, each bringing their own tools and methodologies to the table....

Software Support for QDPX

For a data format like QDPX to gain traction and become widely adopted, it's crucial that it's supported by the software tools that researchers use. Fortunately, a growing number of qualitative data analysis (QDA) software products are incorporating ...

The Ethos of Academic Openness

Before its corporate restructuring in 2020/21 and subsequent significant internal changes, ATLAS.ti, one of the founding members of REFI, had always been a champion of the importance of academic openness and the free exchange of knowledge....

Practical Benefits and Limitations

From avoiding software lock-in to facilitating unexpected transitions (like a change in funding or employment), QDPX offers practical benefits that make life easier for researchers.

Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

While QDPX serves as a robust format for qualitative data, researchers often face the challenge of integrating these insights into more raditional, quantitative data environments. This is especially true for those who wish to leverage the power of da...

The Future of QDPX

As more manufacturers adopt the QDPX standard, its utility is expected to grow exponentially. The format is not just a tool for today but a foundation for the future of qualitative research.

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