The Power of Data Transformation

The Power of Data Transformation

Versatility in Data Formats

One of the most compelling features of QDPX is its ability to transform qualitative data into a wide array of formats, including .rtf, csv, and sql. This offers researchers greater flexibility in how they use and share their data.

Visual Presentation

Beyond data formats, XML-based output was initially also meant to support the transformation of qualitative data into other, completely different formats. Visually oriented presentation formats like web pages, printable reports, and interactive ebooks come to mind. ATLAS.ti versions 5, v.6, and v.7 even came with comprehensive sample applications of this kind (developed by that demonstrated possibilities that far transcended the realm of qualitative research. This feature was particularly beneficial for researchers who aim to communicate their findings to a wider audience, including those who may not be familiar with qualitative research methodologies. Unfortunately, the original full XML export that facilitated this flexibility is no longer available in newer program versions; its core idea now melded into the more general QDPX format.

Still, the ability to transform qualitative data into visually engaging formats not only enhances its accessibility but also its impact. It allows for the creation of interactive dashboards, infographics, and other visual tools that can make complex research findings easier to understand and more actionable. This can open up new avenues for disseminating research findings. Even non-qualitative researchers can engage with the data in a meaningful way, thereby increasing the societal impact of the research. The basic potential for such expanded use is still inherent in QDPX, albeit that it has become narrower in scope, and more difficult to mine. Still, experts at hypertexxt and our friends at can help with the necessary wherewithal to create powerful new dat avalue from QDA work product.

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