Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Bridging the Gap Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

The Challenge of Data Transformation

While QDPX serves as a robust format for qualitative data, researchers often face the challenge of integrating these insights into more raditional, quantitative data environments. This is especially true for those who wish to leverage the power of databases, CSV files, or data visualization tools like Tableau.

The Role of Third-Party Services

Several companies offer specialized services that can transform QDPX data into more commonly used formats, thereby making qualitative research results accessible in the "regular" data world.

  • Hypertexxt: This company offers a service specifically aimed at converting qualitative data in QDPX format to common structured data formats like CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML, and even directly to Tableau. This allows researchers to utilize the results of their studies in non-qualitative environments. Source: Hypertexxt
  • appliQ: Specializing in business intelligence and data analysis, appliQ can convert qualitative data from QDPX/REFI-QDA format directly into quantitative formats. This data can then be stored in databases, merged with numerical data, and analyzed in professional analysis programs such as Tableau. Source: appliQ
  • While primarily a digital concierge service covering a wide range of IT tasks, also offers data and analytics services. Their broad range of services, especially regarding data and databases, includes handling specialized data formats like QDPX. Source:

The Benefits

These third-party services not only facilitate the transformation of qualitative data but also enable researchers to integrate their findings into broader data analysis and visualization platforms. This opens up new possibilities for multi-disciplinary research and data-driven decision-making.

By incorporating these third-party services into the QDPX ecosystem, the format becomes even more versatile, bridging the gap between qualitative and quantitative research. This adds another layer of utility and flexibility, making QDPX an even more powerful tool for researchers and analysts alike.

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