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You collect and analyze qualitative data?

You need to utilize the results of your studies in a non-qualitative environment?

We can convert your projects to most common structured data formats, such as csv, xlsx, json, xml, and even directly to Tableau.

Here is how:

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Send us your data in .qdpx* format via secure upload. Specify the desired output format.

We will return a data package in the format you specify, such as csv, xlsx, json, xml; or as a Tableau workbook (.twbx).

Utilize QUALITATIVE Data in the QUANTITATIVE Data World?

Have you ever pondered the potential of integrating your qualitative data into a quantitative framework? The prospect can be daunting, especially considering the fundamental differences between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Qualitative data, abundant in contextual richness and subtlety, often resists straightforward incorporation into the numerical models that are the mainstay of quantitative analysis. However, the rise of sophisticated analytics technologies and specialized data analytics software has made it increasingly compelling to unite these disparate realms. Achieving this integration unlocks unprecedented opportunities for research and analysis, empowering you to harness the full scope of your data in innovative ways.

Yet, the challenges are not solely methodological. A more foundational obstacle lies in the inherent incompatibility between the data structures of qualitative research and those of mainstream data computing. Qualitative data is organized according to a unique set of rules tailored to its specific needs, making it less amenable to straightforward translation into databases, spreadsheets, or other structured data environments.

Nevertheless, these challenges are far from insurmountable. Armed with the appropriate tools, insights, and technical strategies, it is possible to transform qualitative data into a format that seamlessly integrates with quantitative data analysis platforms. In other words, one can bridge these two distinct data universes by converting qualitative data structures into formats that are amenable to quantitative analysis.

This enables you to compile and scrutinize data from various sources such as customer feedback, video content, user support forums, and social media platforms using Qualitative Data Analysis Computer Software (QACDAS). Once you've extracted these qualitative insights, they can be folded into your broader quantitative data analysis framework through platforms like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or Google Data Studio. This seamless amalgamation enriches your quantitative analyses with the unparalleled depth and context that only qualitative data can offer.

Leveraging our specific expertise, we stand ready to assist you in bridging these two analytical worlds, opening the door to groundbreaking insights and innovative research approaches. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and your objectives.

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